Medical and health

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A wide range of medical and health services to support you and your family through every stage of life

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Services for you

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

Supporting First Nations clients to get the most out of their health care

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Get help with your hearing and get back in the conversation

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Cardiac rehabilitation

Get your heart health back on track with tailored care and join us for binGO MOVE!

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Dental services

Access free or low-cost dental services at one of our four clinics

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Diabetes education

Get support to manage your diabetes and live a healthy life

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Build a better relationship with food and your diet in an encouraging space

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Exercise physiology

Get help to get moving again safely

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GP clinic

Access free or low-cost doctor or nurse services at one of our two clinics

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Living Well

Improve your health, mood and enjoyment of life with support from the Living Well team

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Needle and syringe program

Pick up new equipment, safely dispose of your used needles and syringes, or chat to our support worker at our St Albans campus

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Occupational therapy

Get back to a fulfilling life and increase your confidence with understanding and personalised care

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Paediatrician service

Get support for children and young people up to 18 years with a range of health and wellbeing concerns

Image card physiotherapy 353x235


Get your body back to moving the way you want it to

Image card podiatry 353x235


Get back on your feet with foot and lower leg care

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Refugee health

Get support from a team of workers that can help you understand the health care system and access other services you might need

Image card sexual health hub 353x235

Sexual and Reproductive Health Hub

Access personalised services for your sexual and reproductive health in one location

Image card speech pathology 353x235

Speech pathology

Helping you to get back into the conversation with your loved ones

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Women's health

A sexual and reproductive health service with dedicated nurses for anyone with a cervix

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Young people’s health

Health care, information and support geared for young people

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Call us on 1300 472 432 from 8.30am–5pm Monday to Friday or  ask online .

In an emergency, call 000.