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Get help with your hearing to get back into the conversation

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How we can help you

What we can help with

Our audiologists work with people from 12 months of age. Book an appointment if:

  • You’re having hearing difficulties
  • There’s a family history of hearing loss
  • You’re experiencing ringing sounds in the ear
  • You have ear infections
  • You’re experiencing dizziness or feeling of spinning
  • You have a speech or language delay
  • Your child is having learning difficulties at school

Our audiologists can:

  • Measure your hearing level
  • Check if there is any fluid behind the ear drum
  • Give a report of your tests
  • Provide ear plugs for hearing protection and swimming
  • Talk about hearing aid options and rehabilitation programs
  • Provide assistive alternative devices
  • Refer to you other services that might help

Types of support

  • In person on campus

Waiting list times

You may have to join a waitlist.  Call us or ask online to register your interest. 

Using this service

People from 12 months old experiencing hearing difficulties.

Ask now

Have a question or need some help?

Call us on 1300 472 432 from 8.30am–5pm Monday to Friday or  ask online .

In an emergency, call 000.