IPC Health wins at 2023 Good Design Awards

Chop Out Convos app
Chop Out Convos app

IPC Health was delighted to pick up three awards at the 2023 Good Design Australia Awards along with our partners No Moss and Today.

Chop Out Convos app with No Moss | Digital Design + Social Impact awards
Chop Out Convos was co-designed with our other partner HALT Hope Assistance Local Tradies as well as young tradies to help them initiate tough mental health conversations with their workmates. Using AI, the app suggests conversation starters using R U OK?'s ALEC model (Ask, Listen, Encourage, Check-In) to take the awkward out of checking in. Thanks also to Movember for seed funding this project.

Chop Out Convos is available to download and share from the Apple app store.

Brimbank Melton Child Health and Wellbeing Local (aka The Local) with Today | Service Design - Public Sector Services award

A partnership with Western Health and The Royal Children's Hospital, The Local is a holistic and community-based multidisciplinary service for children aged up to 11 years and their families who are experiencing developmental, emotional, relational and behavioural challenges.

Find out more on The Local page .