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Important information on how we keep you and your data safe

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Matters the policy applies to

Disclosable Matters include any conduct that involves:

  • dishonest behaviour
  • fraudulent activity
  • unlawful, corrupt or irregular use of company funds or practices
  • illegal activities (including theft, dealing in or use of illicit drugs, violence or threatened violence and criminal damage against property)
  • unethical behaviour
  • improper or misleading accounting or financial reporting practices
  • a breach of any legislation relating to IPC Health’s operations or activities, including the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)
  • behaviour that is oppressive, discriminatory or grossly negligent
  • an unsafe work-practice
  • any behaviour that poses a serious risk to the health and safety of any person at the workplace
  • a serious risk to public health, public safety or the environment
  • engaging in, or threatening to engage in, detrimental conduct against a person who has made a disclosure or is believed or suspected to have made, or be planning to make, a disclosure or
  • any other conduct which may cause loss to IPC Health or be otherwise detrimental to the interests of IPC Health
Whistleblower Protection Officer

IPC Health has nominated the CEO to act as a Whistleblower Protection Officer who will receive reports of Disclosable Matters and take the appropriate action.

How to make a report
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