IPC Health achieves perfect gender pay gap score

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27 February 2024

Image card referral intake 353x235

On 27 February 2024 the Workplace Gender Equality Agency published gender pay gap results for Australian workplaces. Due to a data upload error, the IPC Health report is incorrect and therefore our published gender pay gap is also incorrect.

We have used the full data set to ascertain the actual gender pay gap and are pleased to showcase the results below.

All IPC Health employees




Median base salary




Median total remuneration




The above means there is no difference in the average earnings between women and men at IPC Health, which is an outstanding achievement. A gap between -5% and 5% is considered acceptable performance.

IPC Health strives for a workplace that is fair, equitable and provides opportunity to all. Our Future Workforce Strategy provides an overarching framework that ensures our people are central to all that we do and represents the wonderful communities we support.

In a practical sense, our positive gender pay gap outcome is achieved through:

  • monitoring our gender composition across all levels of the organisation
  • contemporary recruitment
  • fair access to learning and development
  • leadership support and training
  • regular checks through culture and engagement surveys

We are pleased to share the positive impact of these initiatives and will continue our focus on fair and equitable employment practices.