Young Leaders of the West

Young Leaders of the West

What is the Young Leaders of the West program?

Young Leaders of the West (YLOTW) brings motivated young people together with health and community organisations to influence behaviour change in their peer communities around the prevention of gambling harm.

Who are the Young Leaders?

Our YLOTW are volunteer ambassadors aged between 18 and 25 years who want to make real life societal change to the communities and people around them. They enjoy communicating, have big ideas, know how to be a team player, are open to a range of different opinions, and love to learn.

Why do we need Young Leaders?

We know that for some groups of young people, gambling harm is an increasing problem. Our YLOTW are best placed to talk to other young people in ways that will help them better understand the dangers of gambling harm and show that they are not alone.

How does the Young Leaders of the West program make a difference?

Our YLOTW co-create and deliver innovative events and workshops to their peers to help build awareness, reduce stigma and effect attitude change towards gambling harm.

What’s in it for me?

The YLOTW program will look great on your resume! We’ll help you to build real world skills in program creation, project management, event planning, workshop delivery, community health and more. You’ll be tacking a growing social issue and you’ll be compensated for your time with a gift voucher. We’ll also feed you!

How do I get involved?

It’s easy; tell us a bit about yourself by answering some questions and we’ll be in touch. You’ll need to be able to commit about four hours per month and have access to email and the Microsoft suite.

Who else is involved?

The YLOTW program is funded through Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and led by IPC Health (that’s us!) in partnership with a host of community organisations, sporting groups, health and mental health organisations, councils, and universities.

Hear from our Young Leaders

I started as a Young Leader of the West for IPC Health in August 2020. In that time I’ve met an amazing team of people and contributed to a project that aims to raise gambling harm awareness for youth in Melbourne’s western suburbs. The co-design process provides an inclusive, open and creative environment for all members of the team to work together towards meaningful goals. I look forward to what the Young Leaders of the West has in store for 2021 and would like to welcome anyone interested with open arms. 

The Young Leaders’ mindset of challenging areas of social harm, without limits, has been an ongoing motivation to seek real solutions to real problems. Our YLOTW objective is to expand our program, resources and community impact to further encourage young people to prevent gambling harm together with openness and empathy. 

Being a Young Leader has truly been an empowering and life changing experience. It has presented unimaginable and invaluable opportunities, and led to stand out achievements in my career to date. The supportive team environment and process of co-design have allowed us to contribute our skills, passion and creativity, to make a true impact in the gambling harm youth prevention space, through raising awareness of gambling harm in our community. I would encourage any young person who aspires to make their community a better place – through a social movement with other like-minded, driven young leaders – to join us. 

Being a Young Leader has inspired me to be creative, to believe that social change is possible, to connect with peers and to be able to contribute innovative ideas and bring them to life 

What is gambling harm? – An explainer

Produced by Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation.

Be a part of the YLOTW Brimbank Mural competition!

Awareness videos:

When I grow up. Story by Bayu Pratama.

Produced by Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. Supported by Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.

Betting Life. Story by Paul Fung.

Produced by Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. Supported by Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.

It all adds up. Designed by Juliet Matskarofski and Nathan Anthony.

Produced by Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. Supported by Western Bulldogs Community Foundation.

Art workshops

Art workshops were held with young people from MacKillop Catholic College, Braybrook Secondary College and Sunshine Community Group, producing creative works in the pop art genre while reflecting on the impacts of gambling harm.