Strategic Directions 2017 – 2019

IPC Health has moved through three stages of strategic progression:

Building foundations


The work of discovery and insight has been completed, with analytical work carried out in areas as diverse as service costing, space and infrastructure review, information requirements, staff capabilities, and broad process review.

Developing capacity


The discovery and insight phase lead naturally into the phase of working to streamline internal (and shared) capacity. This involved working with government and other funders / investors, and care delivery partners, to adapt and redesign IPC Health’s core service offers throughout its catchments, and ensuring it can meet burgeoning demand in Melbourne’s West.

Flourishing and innovating


The prior two phases created for IPC Health a sufficient process, business and reputational base to build on its core face-to-face service delivery and provide increasingly digital service access and delivery, through earlier interventions, tailored programmes of care, and increasingly culturally relevant services.

• Accurately determine cost and revenue potential for each service
• Review all service areas to determine increased or decreased investment
• Review space requirements and locations for services and corporate
• Determine information requirements, including data collection, analysis,
storage and sharing
• Define desired staff capabilities
• Determine ability to demonstrate verifiable service / client outcomes
• Identify organisational processes that merit review or improvement

• Work with government and other funders on development of new service
and infrastructure models
• Invest in clinical and business information systems and digital delivery
• Develop existing, and attract new, high-performing and high-productivity staff
• Improve profitability of services by identifying alternative and additional
revenue sources and cost-reductions
• Demonstrate and communicate service value, outcomes and quality

• Identify which communities and demographics are growing, in size and
in complexity of need, and determine best mix of services and optimum
locations for each
• Define our optimum network of partners and supporters and identify which
strategic choices each is making
• Assess new and existing investment in services, including sustainable
• Engage with, communicate with and build our profile in our communities
• Better match supply and demand, especially for high-utilisation services, in
line with population health priorities

• Shift settings of care, including mobile / virtual services
• Refine and develop new models of care, including earlier detection and
• Integrate our models of care, internally and with other providers
• Develop preventative and early interventions, including community
• Develop increasingly culturally relevant / tailored services