Social Prescribing John’s Story

John Smith (#) was a regular visitor to his GP but his general health had deteriorated of late meaning he was visiting more often.

John had presented to the clinic on 2 occasions recently complaining he could not afford to purchase his medication. His GP referred him to our new Social Prescribing service.

John confided there were insufficient funds remaining from his government support payment once he had paid his rent and utility bills, purchased food and transport to his multiple medical appointments.

John had a long history of poor mental health along with poorly controlled diabetes causing multiple complications. He was deemed not fit for work but his initial application for Disability Support Payment had been rejected. He plead his case on multiple occasions but was told nothing could be done.

After listening to John and observing how desperate he was, we agreed to write to his local MP to highlight his case.

A few days later we received a call from the local MP. They expressed concern regarding John’s circumstances and how it was impacting his health and the burden this was placing on him personally and health services. They wanted to speak with him directly.

John called a few days later saying he received a call from the MP’s office informing him that his Disability Support Claim has been expedited.

He contacted us to inform us of this development and to express enormous gratitude for the support he received from IPC Health’s Social Prescribing Well being Coordinator. He felt more confident his claim would be successful and as a result he would be able to live more independently and in better health.

His Disability Support Claim has been accepted.

We’ve received feedback from his clinical team that his overall health has improved as he can now afford to purchase his medication and has a positive outlook on his future health and well being.

(#) not his real name


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