Acknowledging the need to be at the forefront of health promotion, we will also focus attention on the determinants of health and associated risk factors and behaviours, such as, physical inactivity, family violence, and alcohol and drug consumption. These will be addressed through our collaborative efforts with our partners including local government authorities in support of their Health and Wellbeing Plans.

IPC Health will create localised service responses in line with each local government area’s core characteristics, population health needs and service priorities. It will determine these needs in partnership with local and catchment-wide stakeholders, and will actively participate in, and where appropriate, lead shared governance arrangements.


We value the diversity and strength of our people and communities.


We respond to the needs of our community, clients and colleagues in a timely and sensitive manner.


We treat all with whom we work consistently and equitably and advocate to redress disadvantage


We recognise the importance of creativity and innovation and its application in our professional lives.


We strive for excellence.


We build and foster inclusive relationships and partnerships with our communities.