Our Purpose and Mission

Our purpose is to improve quality of life for the people and communities we serve by maximising access to health and wellbeing services. Our mission is to deliver innovative high quality services that are client centred, collaborative, coordinated and demonstrate value through measured impact.

Individuals through a single point of contact can connect to a full spectrum of care and support using consistent approaches including those of our partners.

While we work with anyone who requires our services, regardless of circumstances, or ability to pay, we prioritise access to those who face obstacles to getting health services tailored to their needs:

– Youth
– Children and Families
– Older People
– Vulnerable People
– Diverse Communities

We know that our communities have numerous needs, some of them complex, but all are addressable by delivering services close to home, in a culturally relevant way, and that keep them out of hospital, or other high-acuity services.

We aim to have a positive reputation, provide person-centred care that is valued by all and be an effective and viable business.

Our objectives are:

– Widely known and highly regarded
– Contributor to local system outcomes
– Attracting more active clients
– Improved quality of life
– Exceptional client experience
– Enhanced access and equity of access to services
– Comprehensive coordinated service delivery
– Transition from treatment to prevention
– Financial sustainability
– Operational excellence and quality governance
– Passionate creative staff who make a difference
– A sustainable organisation


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