Nutrition and Dietetics

IPC Health provides Dietetics services to people of all ages who live, work or study in Brimbank, Wyndham and  Hobsons Bay.

Dietitians help you choose healthy foods to stay well and manage many health conditions.  They are experts in food and nutrition.

How can a Dietitian help?

A Dietitian can help you learn about healthy eating and reading food labels.

They can also help you learn to manage:

– Diabetes

– Weight issues

– Cholesterol and heart health

– Food intolerances and allergies

– Bowel problems

– Coeliac disease

– And many more health conditions

How do I get an appointment?

Contact your nearest IPC Health campus. You may be put on a waiting list.

Older Australians (aged 65 and over and Aboriginal people aged 50 and over) need to contact My Aged Care or call them on 1800 200 422 to access this service. Remember to ask for IPC Health as your preferred service provider when you contact My Aged Care.

Is there a fee?

A fee may apply to this service. If you cannot afford to pay, please speak to reception.

Groups available

Groups can help you learn and stay motivated to eat well. You also get   support from other people in the same situation as you.

We sometimes run:

  • Diabetes groups
  • Supermarket tours
  • Groups to learn basic cooking skills
  • And other groups as needed

Can I have an interpreter?

Yes. Ask if you need an interpreter. Interpreters are free.


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