Our COVID-19 care services continue to respond to community demand

We’ve said goodbye to some of our COVID-19 services

With COVID-19 PCR testing demand slowing thanks to the proliferation of self-administered rapid antigen tests, the Victorian Department of Health has closed several testing sites including ours at Deer Park and Wyndham Vale campuses. We can’t thank enough the huge number of new, existing and seconded staff that not only provided testing in difficult circumstances but also gave our communities support, comfort and reassurance.

The numbers have been phenomenal. The site at our IPC Health Wyndham Vale campus performed almost 80,000 tests since the site opened in May 2020! And since starting at our IPC Health Deer Park campus then with a move off site just around the corner, that team tested over 130,500 people in total. We’re still testing at our Victorian University Werribee site.

Our COVID-19 response has been two fold as the lead agency of the C19 Network, a collaboration between a number of community services tasked with providing COVID-19 vaccinations, education and support across Victoria as well as a quickly mobilised Rapid Response team. We’ve taken COVID-19 care to places like the Queen Vic and St Albans Markets, Ramahyuck District Aboriginal Corporation in Morwell, the Newport Mosque, Barrabill House aged care community in Seymour, countless hyperlocal and school pop ups as well as home visits for our Deaf and hard of hearing communities.

After a successful run with a pop up at the Dianella Community Centre we vaccinated over 11,700 people including 5,200 children under 12 years in just 12 weeks! We’ve now moved into the Koomail Tardy Community Centre in Truganina.