What to expect at the autism assessment

Getting to the clinic

We are based at IPC Health Wyndham Vale clinic, 510 Ballan Road, Wyndham Vale 3024.

We ask that you attend your appointment 10-15 minutes before the assessment to check in with our client services team and settle in before the appointment.

The Team

Our team consists of a paediatrician, psychologist, speech therapist and an occupational therapist, if required.

The Assessment

Your family will go into a room with the Paediatrician while the rest of the team will go behind an observation window where they will complete the ADOS assessment (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule). The ADOS assessment is used to assess and diagnose autism spectrum disorder. The team will assess the child's:

- communication

- social skills

- play

- behaviours

Once the assessment is finished, you will have some time to wait while the team meets.

After the team has met together, your family will meet with the paediatrician again who will deliver the assessment results.

The process should take approximately 3 hours.

After the assessment you will be provided with a report of the findings of the assessment.