How We Work

It’s all about YOU

At IPC Health, our most important concern is you. Whether you come to us through your GP, the hospital, one of our services or through family or friends, we are dedicated to helping solve your health issues and improve your overall wellbeing. Our aim is to help the ‘whole person’, so as well as normal medical and dental professionals, we have a diverse group of health professionals from dietitians to counsellors who can work with you to help you create a healthier life.

What you need, where you need it

We look after a wide range of people – men and women, children & families, and older people, from a range of different backgrounds. We will work with you to identify the services you need and then find the right people to help. Not every service is available at each IPC Health location, but our integrated model means we work together to help cover most needs within our network. Check on this website to see where to go for the service you need and, if you think we can help, give us a call on 9296 1200 or contact us for more information.


Our Values