Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages
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Are you over 65 years and:

would like to continue living at home but need help to navigate the aged care system? or

have been assigned a Home Care Package and looking for a quality provider?

We can help you:

if you want to navigate the aged care system and haven’t been assessed for or assigned a Home Care Package

if you have been assigned a Home Care Package and would like to know what services are available to you and how care can be delivered

We are your trusted local experienced care provider and can meet with you to give you the information that you need.

Home Care Package Program

The Home Care Package program is funded by the Commonwealth Government and provides older Australians long-term support and assistance to remain living independently in their own home and community. Home Care Packages are also available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 50 years.

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IPC Health is an approved provider of Home Care Packages.

The Home Care Package is used to pay for your coordinated package of services and you can choose who provides the services for your special care needs. The package will give you choice and flexibility in the way your care and services are provided to you at home.

In order to receive a Home Care Package, you, a family member, a trusted friend or IPC Health can help you in contacting My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or through the website: myagedcare.gov.au

The free Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS) will visit you at home or where you live and will work out the type of care you need. This is important because your care needs will determine the amount of money you receive from your Home Care Package.

IPC Health can help you coordinate your package. When you apply for your Home Care Package, advise the ACAS representative that you want IPC Health to be your care provider.

Why choose us?
The team at IPC Health are highly skilled and experienced. We have been providing high quality Care Management Services to help support people with complex health, living and social situations in the Western suburbs of Melbourne for over 25 years.
Our qualified Care Managers can help you with navigating the health and aged care systems for any of your health needs or care and support needs.

They will your review your Home Care Agreement, Care Plan and Budget and they will coordinate and schedule your services.

They will ensure that all the support you receive is culturally appropriate.

As your care needs change, they help you to change the services to meet your care needs. They are your point of contact for any care or future planning to help you to stay independent and living safe at home for as long as possible.

Like with anything in life, we believe that a strong ‘WHY’ is the most important quality a professional worker needs to have to provide an excellent service. Here is why we do what we do:

‘Having the privilege to work with people and make a positive difference to their well being, independence and happiness can’t be measured.’

Home Care Packages Support Services
We offer a comprehensive range of care and services to help you to maintain your independence at home. Our services are flexible and responsive to your needs, some of which include:
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Choice and Flexibility

We offer a greater choice and flexibility about who and when will provide your care because we have many service contracts with different service providers.

We talk to you about the services and prices they offer and help to ensure that your specific needs and preferences are met.

With us, you will never be restricted to one provider. It is your choice. We will never charge you for changing service providers either.

We offer 2 types of Case Management services to ensure that the service we provide is tailored to the support that you choose and need.

Government Home Care Package Funding | Our Case Management Services and Options
Our Service Costs

Maximum exit amount for all case management options: Max. total $540.00

*PLEASE NOTE: For our existing clients, the above rates will apply to your package on your next yearly review. Your Case Manager will book in a time with you when your review is due and will update the Home Care Agreement to reflect these changes.

Service Price List

At IPC Health we have multiple service agreements with direct care providers and are able to offer a wide range of providers and prices.

We are also able to provide IPC Health’s Allied Health Services. IPC Health Service price list 2021 / 2022