Diabetes Education

Diabetes can be serious and cause many health problems.  Simple changes can help reduce these health problems.

What do Diabetes Educators do?

Diabetes Educators are trained nurses who can help you understand and look after your diabetes.

How can a Diabetes Educator help?

We can:

– Explain about healthy eating and exercise for diabetes.

– Give advice about tablets and insulin.

– Teach you how to check your blood sugar levels if needed.

– Help you understand what regular medical checks you need.

– Assist you to get discounted diabetes products.


Other Diabetes Services


Give healthy eating advice


  • Check your feet
  • Show you how to care for your feet
  • Wound care and orthotics

Living Well:

Help you make changes to reach your health goals.


How do I get an appointment?

Our Diabetes Education services are being provided from our Deer Park, Hoppers Crossing and Altona Meadows campuses.

Contact your nearest IPC Health campus. You may be put on a waiting list.


Is there a fee?

At IPC Health we offer the unique combination of private and government funded allied health care. Our fees are designed to support access for people on varying incomes.

Funding for our Diabetes Education service is available through the Community Health program with a co-payment depending on your income, starting at around $10 per hour.

We also offer our Diabetes Education services if you are:

• A full fee paying client
• Referred from a GP (Chronic Disease Management Plan):
• A Home Care Package recipient (see above note on My Aged Care)
• An NDIS self or plan managed participant


Can I have an interpreter?

Yes. Ask if you need an interpreter. Interpreters are free.


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