Closing the Gap

Reduced pharmaceutical costs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients at IPC Health

IPC Health media release 06/12/2017

IPC Health’s General Practitioners across Deer Park, Wyndham Vale and Hoppers Crossing are now registered for the Closing the Gap scheme.

IPC Health CEO Alex Johnstone said that IPC Health could now offer Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients free or significantly reduced pharmaceutical costs, tailored health assessments, care plans, reviews and follow up care options.

Mr. Johnstone: “We continue to demonstrate our commitment to making services more inclusive and better meet the needs of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander local community.”

Closing the Gap registration specifically caters for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander clients who are over 15 years and have a chronic illness, however anyone who identifies as either can be registered under the scheme for the PBS Co-payment.

As part of IPC Health’s requirements for registration, a GP and a clinical representative from each clinic were required to attend cultural awareness training offered by an accredited body.

The GP clinics are also displaying culturally appropriate signage in the campus waiting rooms and their consulting rooms, welcoming our Aboriginal and Torres Islanders communities, encouraging clients to identify and providing a culturally safe space.

“This will not fundamentally change the way our GP services are delivered other than enhancing our understanding of needs and issues faced by our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and providing them with the best possible care in a safe and inclusive environment,” said the CEO.

Closing the Gap is an Indigenous Health Incentive scheme which forms part of the Department of Health’s Practice Incentives Program (PIP).

IPC Health launched the Elders Community Lounge at their Wyndham Vale GP Super Clinic in March this year, a culturally dedicated safe ‘drop-in’ space for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders where they are welcome to seek support and assistance and access quality health services that are provided in a culturally appropriate way.


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