Speech Pathology for Children

Paediatric (Child) Speech Pathologists work with families to help children communicate.

They work with children and their families to address difficulties with understanding words and sentences, using words or sentences in conversation, annunciation, stuttering, speaking clearly, attention and concentration difficulties.

The child speech pathologists will provide assessments, work one-to-one or in groups and provide advice on other relevant services.

Who can use this service?

Children from 0-5 years old who live or go to child care or kindergarten in Brimbank, Wyndham or Hobsons Bay.

Who cannot use this service?

Children who:
· are going to school
· have a diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or Global Developmental Delay
· need ongoing therapy for more than communication difficulties
· have been referred to Early Childhood Intervention Services (The National Disability Insurance Scheme – NDIS).

How do I get an appointment?

Contact your nearest IPC Health campus.
To make sure this is the right service for your child we will ask you some questions if our service is not the right one for your child we can help you find one that is.
You will be put on a waitlist for this service.

Is there a fee?

A fee may apply to this service.

Can I have an interpreter?

Yes. Ask if you need an interpreter. Interpreters are free.



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